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We design, build and fit a  hand made bespoke kitchen in solid wood, of which oak is still the most popular as it is relatively inexpensive and extremely durable. We can also make a kitchen for painting which would ideally be made from beech and MDF as both take paint very well. Paint is obviously not as durable as oak but it allows, at some point in the future, a complete kitchen make-over for the cost of a few tins of paint.

Our cabinets can be made of melamine face boards in a multitude of colours, which we lip ourselves with 2mm thick ABS lipping. Or we can make them from birch faced ply which is not quite as easy to clean as a melamine finish, but birch ply makes an immensely strong and durable cabinet which will last indefinitely.

Oak island unit


We can also make free standing kitchen furniture and island units to match or complement an existing kitchen.

Additional kitchen units can be made to match your existing kitcNew bin and shelveshen.

Kitchen Magnet kitchen with hand made plate rack

We also  fit kitchens made by some of the major manufacturers  such as Magnets.